In preparation for a trip to Vegas, there are a few things you already know you’re going to pack: heels, going out outfits, and a bikini. That shit’s obvious. You’re at least 21 (or were able to obtain an ID that claims you are), so I trust you have that part covered. I’m here to remind you of the things that may not be on your list already.

Really Comfortable Flats

Whatever this means to you. I know so many girls who only pack heels and say, “But wedges are basically flats, they are soooo comfortable.” Bitch, no. People underestimate the distance between each casino, especially if you plan to explore the Strip during the day. You’re going to want a really comfortable pair of shoes. It might seem obvious, but when you see hundreds of girls stumbling around with bloody, broken feet, you’ll feel pretty smart.

A Light Jacket (even in the summer)

Even if you’re visiting Vegas in the peak of summer, you’re going to want to bring a light jacket of some kind. When you’re inside the casinos, it’s freezing, and it can get chilly at night.

Your Pain Killers of Choice

If you plan on drinking excessively, or even if you aren’t planning on it, headaches and assorted body pain can easily happen in Vegas. You’re going to want to have Aleve or something with you so you don’t take it from the mini bar in desperation and pay 10 times the price. It’s always expensive in casino shops, so it’s better to have your own — and it’s not like it takes up much space in your bag. Also, having a product like to take before you drink like Defy can help you feel way better than you would the morning after a night out.

Vegas has a weird, dry climate, so if you’re coming from somewhere different, just the change in environment can cause a little pain before you get used to it.


This is a multipurpose savior sent from the Gods when you’re in Vegas. Did you bring heels you know give you blisters, but you want to wear them anyway because you’re a stubborn betch? (We tried to tell you at the beginning…) Me too. Putting a very thin layer of Vaseline on the areas where your shoe rubs your feet will prevent you from getting blisters, and it works way better than Band-Aids and it won’t ruin your shoes. Wins all around.

Vaseline is also super useful to have with you in Vegas because you’re in the desert and it’s dry AF. Applying it to your lips and dry areas on your body like elbows and knees overnight will ensure that you won’t look like a scaly dragon as you lounge by the pool.

Portable Speakers

While a lot of the hotel rooms in Vegas do have a speaker of some sort (usually built into the alarm clocks), I find they are still often for older versions of the iPhone and don’t have Bluetooth. So, it’s better to bring your own small portable speaker if you know you want to play music in your room as you’re pregaming or getting ready.

Snacks and Libations

If you’ve got enough room in your suitcase to pack ’em, bring a few small snacks — and especially alcohol. Having a few protein bars with you can save your life, or at least a lot of money. In a place like Vegas where most everything is pretty expensive, you can save some serious change by bringing a Quest bar when you go to lay out by the pool instead of paying $25 for a small ass Caesar salad. It may also stop you from spending too much money on late night drunken food cravings.

But the real savings is in bringing the booze — you can save tons of money on alcohol by bringing a bottle or two with you in your checked bag. Liquor store prices are steep, and you’ll probably go into shock after looking at your credit card bill if you buy every drink when you’re out. If you do decide to pack a few bottles, I highly recommend putting them in bottle packers to ensure it doesn’t spill all over your shit, and this way you won’t have to make a special stop to buy them during your trip.

Full Glam

I love makeup, but living in a small ass town I rarely snatch my face the way I would love to on a daily basis. When in Vegas you can beat your face for the Gods and be more adventurous with your look — and you’ll fit right it. That fuchsia lippy you don’t rock as often as you’d like at home? Bring it. Pop on your falsies, bake your face, and go full glam, because in Vegas you really can’t be too over the top.


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