Live Dealers Games That Rock Your World

What’s not to like about live dealers games? You can take all the beauty of gambling in a casino. However, the best part is you don’t have to even be there! What you can do is make winnings to your heart’s content, but if you feel lazy you can put your feet up too.

Compare websites like us do what it says on the tin. We compare websites find the very best. Together, we have researched and browsed many online websites to find the best gaming features online today.

Looking at gaming providers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming plus popular brands such as Playtech make all the difference. If these giants of software development put their name to the casino title, you know it’s a good one. Since the creation of casinos, games have grown exponentially to what they’ve become in 2020.

Origins of Casino

It’s been three decades in the making but technology is finally catching up with casino gaming. Playing card games has been a popular activity for centuries, but it needed the intervention of technology to progress.

Video gaming has entered the playing fields in recent times, and yet gamers required more. That’s the need for customer service which casinos continually hope to address. To keep the punters happy, you must evolve as a brand. Then came the genius idea to do gambling face to face. Much like in a physical casino, but instead at home.

This idea appeared lunatic in the 90’s until developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming took casinos by the thrust of the neck. Not resting on their laurels, the gaming experience multiplied tenfold thanks to the rapid popularity of smartphones.

Now fast forward to today and a new era has beckoned. After the above two released their first foray into live dealers, they’ve not looked back. And yet there’s plenty of competition too, with other developers and casinos seeing its potential.

Popular Games for Live Dealers

Obviously for that human interaction online it takes a certain type of game to create that connection. Slots are perfect for mobile betting, but card games and roulette offered greater live dealers games. After NetEnt and Microgaming, Evolution Gaming introduced themselves to the casino world.

The Latvian producer of titles announced themselves with a bang, creating live baccarat and many more titles to impress a new generation of gamers. Those with smartphones (the majority) took to their devices to play games online. However, something new was needed. A gaming experience that still interacted with humans on a personnel level. Or, if you prefer slots you can try pay by SMS slots too.

People do not like to feel isolated so it’s the next step in betting after the online experience of Playstation and Xbox swept the world. Now nearly every online casino has its own live dealer platform to interact with the customers in real situations. When you put down your chips at roulette or have an ace up your sleeve in poker, a dealer anticipates every move.

Featuring cool sound effects and perfect HD streaming, it’s a gaming experience like no other. Dealers offer a fully immersive experience – easy on the eye and quick thinking to match. What’s not to like about live dealers games.

Live Dealer Games at Casinos

A Few Final Points

Consider where you play as vitally important. With mobile apps creating a platform to play anywhere, you have the power in your hand. It doesn’t matter if you spin the roulette wheel on the bus even, the world’s your oyster.

In dealers games, you have the opportunity to face real-life situations in a virtual game. Also, you have the chance to play online against people from all corners of the globe. The whole continent of Asia is going mad for the technology, as well as Canada.