Roulette Games That Will Blow Your Mind

A game for the ages, roulette games have been around for centuries. Beginning in the 17th century, it was originally known as ‘French Roulette’, as it was created in Europe as a game to pass the time. Fast forward a few hundreds years later and it remains intensely popular.

The only difference today on the round table is the American version has taken over as the most well known. Thanks to the introduction of the green double zero slots, players can take more risk by dropping all their money on that section.

You can not get more simple than roulette in terms of gameplay, but it makes up in adrenaline. As you watch the ball spin around the wheel, your heart accelerates in beat. If it lands on your number you’re the supremo of the land.

However, on the off chance, it doesn’t land on your number, wave goodbye to your pot.
Instead of going to the physical casino like in previous times, now there are greater options. With the sweeping change in technology, you can do so much now without leaving the house. Instead, you can play and stay at home, which is great. Taking on players from around the world, you can win large amounts anywhere.

Bet 10 Get 10

Mix it Up With Different Versions

For a change of environment, there are multiple versions you can play. With the changing times of technology, so the game has changed. The principles remain the same, but with a slight twist. For example, the Age of the Gods Roulette adds a bit of spice to the game.

Similar to your favourite TV game shows, even more suspense is added by reversing the table upside down with roulette games. As the drum rolls, wait for the ball to land on your spot and claim victory, jumping for joy! Other examples like the American version or the original French version can be played online. It’s really just based on your preference which you select.

Just in case you’re not sure of the rules, there are a few things to note. First, there are clear 50/50 odds of winning, where you can bet on red or black. With such great odds, it remains a popular game among regular players and those new to the title. You can play this game at a safe site here – mail casino.

For example, you can get more for your money by trying out on Ladbrokes for free. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s a great way to start off. There’s plenty of promotions around to kick off proceedings, giving you the perfect chance to build your balance and understand this simple yet fun game.

Added Incentives

Not just what’s on offer, because there are other cool versions to play too. For instance, why not immerse yourself in a modern version online. You can play at nearly 10 3D versions, live and ready for you to join the action. You can pick from plenty of exciting options – including betting on odds or evens to boost your chances of success.

Alternatively, you can pick a selection of numbers if you’re feeling particularly lucky with roulette games! Once the croupier spins the wheel of fortune, away you go and the best of luck to you! For an added bonus, our tip is to browse at the table and see where previous spins have gone. This will give an indication of your chances and where to place your bets.

Why You Should Pick Roulette

Simply put it’s an easy way to win money, there are great bonuses available when you join and it’s exciting to play. You can even sign up with certain casinos and claim a cashback up to £1,500 with Ladbrokes. Not to mention you get a bonus too on your second and third deposits.

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They say fortune favours the brave and you can do just that playing roulette games. Pick a selection of numbers, spin the wheel and see where you end up. Who knows, maybe you will bag a massive jackpot? Great graphics coupled with easy gameplay creates a great betting experience.