When I think of music festivals, I generally think of Coachella, Bamboozle and betches in high waisted shorts and flower crowns. I’d never really thought of Vegas, which was a huge oversight. Las Vegas is home to some of the best, most original music festivals like Life is Beautiful and Electric Daisy Carnival — and instead of camping in a field with hundreds of unbathed people, you can stay in the Cosmo.

It’s up to you. But Vegas music festivals are still music festivals, and there are a few things that will literally save your life if you plan ahead of time.

A Portable Phone Charger

I really don’t know how someone makes it through a normal day without one of these since my phone is dying more frequently than a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. At a festival it’s even vital that you have one since you’ll likely be taking photos, video, using the festival’s app, and uploading your experience to Instagram and Snapchat to make all of your friends jealous. There’s no way your phone is going to handle that without a recharge.

People love the Mophee charging cases, but personally, I like having an external charging unit. It can charge your phone more times, plus you can use it to charge other small electronic devices.

Set a Meeting Point

We’re in the digital age, but we still need to come up with some offline plans. Due to the high cell phone use at festivals, it’s incredibly likely that you won’t have great service — or even if you do, at least one person in your group won’t. You’ll want to pick a certain spot and set times that you know you’ll be able to meet up with everyone. This way you can break off and do your own thing if you want to see different acts, but you won’t be stuck looking for people all day if cell service sucks.

A bottle of Sunscreen

Even if you never burn, you need this. It’s non-negotiable. I was absolutely that asshole who thought “Oh, but I never burn” and chose to forgo the advice of festival veterans and then ended up redder than a lobster. Shut up. You need it and you’ll thank me later.

A Cash Stash

As someone who never has cash, this is one that I would always forget… until I had to pay the ungodly ATM fee at a music festival. You’ll also want to buy merch, food and water, and alcohol.. and more alcohol. Even if they take cards, the transaction will go a lot faster if you’ve got cash. Fork over the paper and get back to the festival.

A Water Bottle

Depending on the festival, the specifics of this advice will vary. Some will let you bring in a certain amount of sealed bottles of water, others won’t — but you can bring in an empty one to fill up at water stations inside. Basically, you’ve got to figure out a way to not have to pay $9 for a bottle of water. Dehydration is not cute, especially in 90 degree weather where your BAC teeters on registering as “… is that number even possible?”

A Plan. A Real Plan.

I’m one of those obnoxious people who likes things to be uber organized and planned out ahead of time. So for me, this isn’t something I have to remember to do — it’s just my life. I know. I hate myself. However, tapping into your type-A side will be especially beneficial at a festival.

Knowing what bands you want to see — at which stages and when — will allow you to know where you need to be in time to get a good spot. That way you won’t be that obnoxious person squeezing your way through everyone like, “Oh my God, I’m soooooo sorry my friends in the front… I swear, please don’t hate me.” We know your friend is not up front and we do hate you.

Also, generally knowing things like where to get a drink and where the bathrooms are ahead of time keeps you from wandering in circles for hours and missing your favorite band because you have to pee.

If you disregard everything on this list and go unprepared, you’ll still probably have an epic time. Your sunburn will fade, and the fact that your phone died and you couldn’t Snapchat won’t matter. But wouldn’t it be nicer if you spent all your time enjoying yourself and bragging to the world about it instead of waiting in lines and trying not to pass out?


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