Being an East Coaster, the flight to Las Vegas is usually the most expensive part of a Vegas trip, so I have to do what I can to make sure that the price is as low as possible. I’ve picked up a few tips along the way that are more useful that trying to obsessively check Kayak anytime I want to get away to Vegas… or anywhere for that matter (that is, until I get rich enough to charter a private jet everywhere).

Set Up Flight Alerts

This tip has changed my life — I’ve saved tons of money by setting up flight alerts to a few destinations that I know I want to visit and waiting for a price drop. This does mean you have to be flexible with your vacation dates; it’s not going to work out if you have your heart set on the 4th of July in Vegas, but if you know “Hey, I want to go next summer” and wait until you see a solid deal it’s SO worth it.

My site of choice for the is Airfare Watchdog mainly because it is extremely simple to use and you can control how often price quotes are sent to your email. I’ve had the best luck with deals using that site, but Kayak and Google offer similar services.

Sign Up for Casino Rewards Programs

This is an important tip for tons of other reasons, but one of the lesser-known benefits is that signing up could end up in flight deals. This is more common with heavy gamblers, but if you live closer to Vegas or if you’re open to casinos closer to your area, this could really pay off. Recently, I received an offer from Total Rewards for a package in Atlantic City that included a chartered flight, transportation and room stay, all for the price of what the room alone would cost. This is pretty common for smaller casinos around the US, so if you don’t have your heart set on Vegas specifically but you love to vacation in casinos, make sure you’re a part of every rewards programs you visit so you don’t miss out!

Link Up Trips

Depending on where you live, flights are significantly cheaper even if the distance isn’t a big one. For example, flights out of Albany, New York are usually around $400 RT, while flights from Boston are usually $200. Due to different airline hubs, this happens a lot, so if you can link a trip to a central hub before flying out to Vegas, you could end up saving a lot.

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