The Vegas pool scene is starting to heat up again… and there are three trends that I’m dying for this summer.

Macrame Details

Free People

Free People

Bikini tops with macrame and crochet details GIVE ME LIFE. I love the look of intricate necklines and complex details weaving across your back. It obvi looks great on its own, but I also love the seeing the detail peak through your cover up when you throw it on to grab lunch or a drink at the poolside bar.

My one qualm with these are the potential for some seriously tragic tan lines, BUT this is why they are the perfect choice for a day club or pool party. You’re not exactly there to get a tan, and you’d be hard pressed (literally) to find space to lay out even if you tried. So, get a spray tan ahead on time, slather on some serious SPF and rock those crazy necklines without fear of looking line a reverse tiger.

High-Waisted Bikinis



We’ve seen this vintage inspired trend for a couple of years now, but it’s still going strong in 2016 with the sexy cutout details involved. I love this look for a few reasons. It’s a great way to feel sexy and rock a bikini even if you aren’t sporting VS Angel abs (despite your best efforts at the gym). Or even if you’re working with a Gisele Bundchen bod, this option is a bit more friendly to someone throwing back Coronas by the pool all day. A bit of beer bloat perfectly disguised by an adorable high-waisted bikini that makes you look like a pin-up? Yes, please.

Baywatch One-Piece



In a sea of Kim Kardashians, be a Farrah Fawcett. No hate on Mrs. Kardashian-West — I would post my naked body everywhere on social media too if I had her curves — BUT that’s kind the norm in Vegas. Every girl at Liquid is in a skimpy bikini with Brazilian bottoms and as little coverage as possible. The resurgence of the high-cut one piece will make you stand out. Plus, the high cut paired with some wedges will give you legs FOR DAYS HUNTY. Classy + sexy= yaaaass.


What’s your favorite beach look for 2016?

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