If you ask anyone what the best casino in Atlantic City is, they’ll tell you it’s Borgata. Bitch, you thought.

Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. Was it newer? Yes. Was it beautiful? Yes. Bigger? Yes. Did I love it? No.

I can’t speak to the rooms in the Borgata since I didn’t stay there, so my experience is limited to the casino floor and poker room. But here’s my take: Borgata is that hot model dude you went out with one time on Tinder. He KNOWS he is really attractive and because of that, he is pretentious as fuck, doesn’t really try that hard to impress you, or even just be a decent person. And let’s be honest — he’s kind of boring.

I mentioned in my post on Harrah’s Resort in AC that we opted to stay there over Borgata due to the price being significantly cheaper and since I’d rather spend money drinking vats of alcohol and playing poker than on the room I’m just going to be sleeping in. Since Harrah’s is right next to Borgata, we figured we’d spend more time at Borgata, but we ended up not coming back after checking it out once.

I do want to say there is nothing bad about the Borgata. I have nothing especially negative or horrifying aside from the fact that I just didn’t enjoy myself as much there. Some people will read that and this and think, “Bitch, this is Glam + Gamble, not Ghetto + Gamble. What do you mean you didn’t think Borgata was the best in AC?!” I’ll try to explain.

First of all, Borgata is gorge. It really is a nice looking casino, there are blown glass art installations, marble everywhere, and an attention to detail that lacks in the other AC casinos. In terms of looks, it’s clearly the best. When I walked in I thought, “Yep, this is where I want to spend my time in AC.”

Then we walked further on the gaming floor. I noticed the games were dated. While I’m not a huge slot player, I was disappointed with that. If I did want to play slots for a bit, there really wasn’t a ton that interested me.

Another thing the Borgata seems to do well is food. Since I only ate there once, I don’t have a great big picture but the options and reviews were bomb. I hadn’t eaten all day, so I opted to eat my weight in Panda Express. Sometimes you just need some Panda, ya know?

But where Borgata lost points with me is their poker room. Yes, it’s huge and beautiful as far as poker rooms go, but that’s where the positive attributes stopped. When I was called to a seat I was given no direction. None. The guy at the desk said, “Just walk into the room and flag someone down.” Hmmm. Ok.

I do this… and no one looks like they are going to help me. I feel awk as fuck just walking around trying to figure this out. I was ignored by someone walking the floor, so I went over to a dealer on break. She spoke very little English, but she pointed me to a different desk at the back of the room. I had to wait there while I heard my initials being repeated over the loudspeaker again.

The guy at the desk finally pointed me to a table, but the whole process was unnecessarily awkward and confusing. Once I sat down, the tables themselves were warped, making it difficult to stack the chips without them toppling over. The dealers were a mix of friendly and apathetic, and because of where my table was situated I always had to stop the cocktail waitress right as she was entering and exiting the bar area. That meant she didn’t really want to take my order because she already had a lot.

Also, I had to play for Red Bull in Vodka, which is exactly what I want during a long poker section (you didn’t have to pay at Harrah’s). I will say the chairs were great — that was kind of the best thing about the room.

My next criticism isn’t necessarily the fault of Borgata, but I wasn’t a fan of the clientele in the poker room. My first table was fine, a normal mix for a $2-4 table. There was an old Jewish lady who complimented my jewelry and a guy who asked if I was a Kardashian.

The second table was a different story. It was full of assholes and complainers. One guy said some pretty offensive shit to me and the dealer did absolutely nothing. I did, though, and I ended my poker session shortly after. I can crack it up to a bad table, but I noticed the entire casino had a crowd that I didn’t particularly care for– a mix of pretentious people who want to look like they have money sitting with Jersey Shore castoffs mixed in with your typical elderly AC crowd. I just found that it gave the place a weird vibe that I, for one, wasn’t into.

If you’re in Atlantic City and you want to stay in the nicest hotel with great dining options, then Borgata is the best place to go. If you’re mostly interesting in gambling, I wouldn’t necessarily place it at number one.

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