When I visit Vegas, I generally end up consuming one real meal a day. It isn’t some weird diet plan, and it really wasn’t a plan at all, but I found that it’s super useful in helping keep your wallet and your waistline in check.

I’m not saying you need to starve yourself or only literally eat once, but there’s no reason you need to order room service for breakfast, hit the Wynn buffet for lunch, and then head over to N9NE steakhouse for dinner.

One, you’ll explode. Two, it’ll cost you $12,000 a day to eat.

When you’re planning out your day in Vegas, you may want to choose one really nice, big meal a day — because let’s be honest, you’ll probably be drinking most of the other meals, and there’s no shortage of quick bites along the way if you get too hungry.


The best way to slam a ton of great food in Vegas is to sample the buffets featured up and down the strip. You can check out my favorite Las Vegas buffets and decide for yourself which you like best (seriously, try them all).

Focus On The Best

Look at planning one indulgent meal and then fill in the rest with smaller options. Instead of a full breakfast, pick up a protein pack when you grab coffee at Starbucks in the morning or afternoon if you’re planning to hit a buffet or steak house later in the day. If you want to go for a brunch spread, then you probably won’t want or need to eat too much later. You can just grab a few apps when you go out in the evening, and that also adds to the fun of Vegas nightlife.

Get The Most Out of a Restaurant

Another benefit to going all out one particular meal is that you can take full advantage of the menu. If it’s your first big meal of the day, you can get multiple courses and not feel too guilty or too full to really enjoy the experience. Have you always wanted to dine in the Eiffel Tower at Paris? Now you can enjoy every single bite of your fancy French meal. Or you can keep it casual and hit up Gordon Ramsay’s Burger in Planet Hollywood. Since you haven’t been stuffing yourself all day, you can afford to split an order of truffle parmesan fries, get a Hell’s Kitchen Burger and still have room for one of the decadent shakes #treatyoself.


If you have lunch and dinner reservations every day, or even just a specific idea of where you want to eat for each day, it can be super limiting. The last thing you want is to cut short a relaxing day by the pool or a winning streak in the casino because you’ve got to rush upstairs to get ready for a reservation. By only having one exciting/indulgent meal planned each day, it leaves your schedule way more flexible — that means you aren’t huffing it back and forth down the strip to different restaurants for half your trip.

You’ll Reclaim Your Vegas Time

If every meal you have is a big sit down ordeal at a restaurant, you’re going to spend half your day waiting in lines, waiting to be seated and waiting for food rather than actually eating. Unless you’re a major foodie or eat like one, this isn’t how you want to spend the bulk of your time in Vegas. There are absolutely dining experiences in Vegas that are worth the time investment, but with so much else to do, it’s better to limit that to once a day.

In Vegas, you don’t have to pull a Mary Kate and starve yourself, but you don’t have to blow it out for every meal. If you’re strategic about when you indulge, you’ll be a lot happier with the numbers in your bank account and on the scale — and you’ll get to enjoy what Vegas has to offer while you get the most out of your dining experiences.

… and don’t forget, Vegas has everything from the best fast food burgers to some really unique dining experiences.


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