When in Vegas, you need to hit up a killer buffet at least once — they have everything all in one spot. You really can’t go wrong with most of the nice casinos on The Strip, but the top three buffets are at the Wynn, Bellagio, and Cosmopolitan, and each stands out for a different reason.

The Buffet at Wynn

From the King Crab legs to the best fried chicken I’ve every eaten in my life, the Wynn has the best buffet. Hands down.

The selection is amazing, and while the buffet doesn’t exactly offer anything crazy unique, everything is executed perfectly and simple items are elevated. I was blown away by the meatballs, which isn’t surprising, considering they’re made from Frank Sinatra’s family recipe. Some of my other faves are the Angus sliders, meatloaf and blackened salmon.

The carving station here is one of my favorites, with outstanding prime rib and the best sausage ever. I literally can’t get over it.

The dessert station is just as impressive. The creme brulee and bread pudding are to die for.

The bottomless drink package at Wynn is absolutely worth it. The waiters are super attentive and make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

The price for thhis buffet ranges from $19.99 for weekday breakfast to $39.99 for weekend dinner. Last time I was there we ate there multiple times because they had a promotion that if you played a certian amount each day you’d get 2 free buffet passes.

The line can get really long, but it moves quickly. Consider going for a late lunch/early dinner in the afternoon as your one big meal for the day as a great option if you want to avoid the wait.

Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan

The Wicked Spoon is close to battling Wynn for first place. The food at Wicked Spoon is certainly some of those most unique in variety as well as presentation. While other buffets generally stick to American classics along with small ethnic stations, the Wicked Spoon celebrates those usually-minor areas — the Latin and Asian sections are lit. Some of the other highlights include truffled scallop potatoes, “angry” chipotle mac and cheese, bone marrow and pork belly sliders.

Wicked Spoon’s creativity in plating and presentation really stand out. I love the prepared small salad option instead of just a free-for-all salad bar with huge bins of lettuce.

The dessert bar at the Wicked Spoon is also the best — the Thai iced tea gelato gives me life.

The only real con for me is the limited drink package option. Most dinner buffets offer an unlimited alcoholic drink deal for less than $20 and offer a small selection of beer, wine, and sometimes mixed drinks. At Wicked Spoon, it’s and additional $12 for bottomless red or white wine. It’s not a bad deal, but if you’re not in the mood for wine, you’re SOL.

The buffet ranges from $24 for weekday brunch to $41 for weekend dinner.

The Buffet at Bellagio

Bellagio’s buffet is comparable to The Buffet at Wynn, but is ever-so-slightly less impressive, For one, I don’t like the layout as much — it’s a bit more condensed, which makes some of the food harder to get to. The quality and selection are still amazing, and you won’t be disappointed if you opt for Bellagio, especially if you’re near that part of The Strip (trekking to Wynn can be a chore if you’re not already in the area).

Also, Bellagio has the best drink package, IMO — for $12.99 per person, you get limitless refills on Margaritas, Bloody Mary’s, sparkling wine or beer. Bellagio has the best variety of drinks at the best price. This buffet ranges from $17.99 for breakfast to $37.99 for weekend dinner.

While these are my top three picks, people rave over Caesar’s Bacchanal, so it’s worth checking out a few to find your favorite.

One way to experience more buffets is to play MyVegas and use rewards from the game to get free or highly discounted buffets!


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