It’s no secret you can eat world class, unique food while in Las Vegas. The likes of Gordon Ramsay and Nobu Matshuhisa have restaurants on the Strip, and visitors can take their pick from gourmet versions of almost any cuisine — or even have them all in one meal at any one of the extravagant buffets.


That shit’s expensive. Even if you can make it rain like a Kardashian or you like to think you can (until your credit cards decided that you can’t), there’s another side to food in Vegas that you don’t want to pass up.

Enter the Fast Food Burger Trifecta of Excellence. The best fast food burgers from all regions of the United States come together in Vegas to give you the cheat meal of your inner fat kid’s dreams.

Vegas is the one place that will equip you with the argument you’ll need to win the age-old In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack debate. But let’s be real, there are no losers when you can get an In-N-Out double-double and Shake Shack cheese fries in the same day.

In-N-Out Burger

The pride of the West Coast. With their infamous secret menu and vintage vibe, In-N-Out has the loyalty of west coasters and has garnered the envy of everyone else. Unless you live in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas or Utah, the only thing you’re getting animal style is what happens when your Tinder match invites you over for “Netflix and chill.” There currently isn’t a location directly on the Strip, but that’s rumored to change in the near future. Until then, grab an Uber for a very short ride and order the secret menu items you’ve only been able to read about while you’re at work scrolling through Buzzfeed articles.

Shake Shack

New Yorkers (OK, mostly tourists now) still wait hours in line at the original Madison Square Park location to get their hands on the burgers and fries that were originally sold from a simple hot dog cart. It’s come a long way since then, but Shake Shack’s locations remain on the East Coast… except for their restaurant in Vegas, appropriately located in New York New York. So make like Billy Joel, get in a New York state of mind and order a ShackBurger, cheese fries and an exclusive ShackMiester Ale.

Steak ‘n Shake

As a predominantly East Coast chain, Steak n’ Shake is slowly making its way to the West Coast and Midwestern states – and for good reason. Steak Burgers > normal burgers. Add perfectly crisp shoestring fries and a milkshake of any flavor your heart desires and you’ve got yourself Steak n’ Shake.

This one is a bit far off the Strip at South Point Casino, but it’s worth the Uber ride. PLUS, every Saturday night you can make the most off your slightly off-Strip venture by seeing the Spazmatics. Don’t ask questions. Just do it. You’ll thank us later after you’ve had an amazing night of dancing and drinking for cheap.

So while these places aren’t serving up grass-fed Kobe on brioche buns — which is something you can absolutely get at several locations on the Strip if you’re feelin’ fancy and have money to burn — you can experience something new and far more exciting than the basic bitch Big Mac you can get anywhere, anytime. Plus, you’ll be able to weigh in definitively on the ever important East Coast-West Coast rivalry.


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