When people think fashion and shopping, they think of Paris, London, NYC and LA. These are all amazing cities full of culture, high fashion and tons of places to indulge in some retail therapy. However, after shopping in all of them (much to the dismay of my boyfriend and credit card balances), I don’t think they compare to shopping in Vegas.

Las Vegas is a uniquely perfect shopping experience. Any store you could want is within a 5-mile radius, from bougie designers like Tom Ford and Balenciaga to more run of the mill finds like Forever21 and Nordstrom. Since I hail from the East Coast, the fact that I can go to Topshop and Kitson gives me life.

The Experience

The Vegas shopping experience is in Vegas, which means it’s over the top. The architecture and design of the shopping areas are unparalleled, from the glitz and glam of The Shops at Crystals at the Aria Resort and Casino to the size of the Fashion Show Mall. Nothing is basic when shopping in Vegas… except the girl drinking a frappuccino in Ugg boots. She’ll still be there.

Don’t forget, almost every property has their own collection of shops. Have you always wanted to shop in Paris? Well, go do it at Paris. Then go next door to The Linq shops and pop in and out of stores in front of a Ferris wheel bigger than the London Eye. The variety of stores at each property varies, with each one providing a unique experience.

Even if you don’t want to spend tons of money, going window shopping in Vegas is completely worth it for the experience alone. You can literally go get lost in the Forum shops looking in all the stores, not to mention the sky painted ceiling, cobblestone halls filled with sculptures, and the fountains. Or take a stroll along the Grand Canal shops in the Venetian and peruse the shops as gondolas glide by. Even without a theme, poking around the in the shops at the Wynn is epic, with unique stores and modern sculptures.

There Aren’t Any Crowds

The only thing I hate more than guys on the street telling me to smile is shopping when it’s crowded. There’s nothing worse than being shoved by randoms while trying to find your size. For whatever reason, I’ve never had this experience in Vegas. Shops are busy, of course, but it’s not like shopping in NYC where you almost have to fight bitches with no chill in order to scan the sales rack… just to wait an eternity to try something on or buy something.

Perks and Rewards

If you do decide to do some shopping at on hotel properties, you could end up buying yourself more than a cute outfit. Depending on the property and casino rewards program, spending money at stores racks up points that can turn into free stays, gameplay or food vouchers. If you combine these with credit card rewards you could be in for some serious savings.

One of the best programs for earning points on shopping is The Cosmopolitan’s Identity Membership and Rewards. For every dollar spent at the hotel, spa, dining and yes, shopping you earn 5 “Identity Points” that can be redeemed for hotel stays and more. It really adds up.

Whenever, Wherever

It doesn’t matter if you want to spend a whole day shopping or only an hour on the spur of the moment — in Vegas, you’re almost always 5 minutes from an amazing shopping experience. That means you can plan out an epic shopping adventure hitting any and every store your heart desires, or just pop into a few shops as you walk from casino to casino. The shopping options are endless and extremely accessible.

Also, Vegas is a 24/7 city, so you can really shop at any time of day. Realized you forgot your Feline Mac eye coal? No problem, there’s a Mac open until 11pm. I don’t know anywhere else where this is possible #goals.

There’s Too Much to Love

I honestly can’t pick a favorite area to shop in Vegas — the Strip has so many different options depending on how much money you have or energy you have to see it all. The worst part is trying to fit all of my new finds in my suitcase. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… except your shopping bags.


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