As you plan a trip to Vegas, you’ll realize pretty quickly that this shit is expensive. Between travel and hotel alone, you’re forking over a fat stack — and that’s not including drinks, shopping, eating out, gambling, and the money you will probably spend on clothes in preparation for your vacation.

You can always get a sugar daddy or say fuck it and put it all on a credit card, but… you probably shouldn’t do either of those things. Instead, one small way to help ease the cost is to play MyVegas on Facebook and your phone.

MyVegas is an app you where you can play online slots to collect virtual chips that you can cash in for real Vegas rewards. You never actually have to wager any real money, so there’s no risk in playing. Plus, you’re on your phone anyway, so why not?

If you happen to love playing slots, this game is will be fun for you and the rewards will be an extra bonus. However, if you’re not a huge fan, you don’t actually have to pay much attention to the game. You can have it on auto-spin so it’ll keep earning points while you watch Scandal or scroll through Facebook.

Rewards include discounts and freebies on almost anything you can think of in Vegas, from free and discounted drinks and meals to discounts on tickets and hotel rooms. You can get a free weekday night at the Mirage for 52,500 coins, a ticket for Cirque de Soleil show for 40,000 coins or a 2 for 1 dinner buffet at Bellagio for just 26,000 coins. It’s really easy to get 50,000 if you play the app for a month, so depending on how much you play before your trip to Vegas you can get a lot of comped experiences.

The app is associated with MLife, so the discounts are only available for things pertaining to MLife properties, but that’s still half the Strip. Even if you aren’t staying at a Mlife property, you’ll want to see shows or eat at buffets. You can even get a free day Monorail pass for only 6,000 points, and that’s useful no matter where you’re staying.

It’s also something you don’t have to play forever in order to get rewards that are worth your time. My boyfriend and I started playing about a month before one of our Vegas trips and we racked up enough points to get a bunch of 2 for 1 buffet passes — that’s a savings of about $40 per meal.

MyVegas also has a Facebook edition and another app called MyVegas Black Jack. If you’re serious about racking up some points and earning more rewards, you can play those to increase your total points since they carry from app to app. Plus, you’ll get to practice your Blackjack skills.

Another thing worth noting is that you need to “buy” your rewards before you get to Vegas (or turn off your location services to trick the app into thinking you aren’t in Vegas yet). For whatever reason — likely to prevent locals from cashing in — the majority of the rewards disappear from the app once you’re actually in Las Vegas, so plan ahead right before you leave. If you don’t use a reward you purchased with your points, you can return it and get all of your chips back, so there’s no risk in getting all the rewards you can in advance even if you decide not to use them on that trip.

Caesars has a similar app out, but currently, they don’t offer any real rewards — but when they do, you’ll be able to get discounts on pretty much anything on the Strip.


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