While Vegas is known for glitz and glamour, it’s also fun to just have a laid back awesome night at a grimy bar where no one cares about what shoes you’re wearing and all you want is a great night with a reasonably priced drink in your hand. The crowd may be rowdier and the drinks less “craft,” but Vegas is full of spots where you’re guaranteed a good, dive-y time.

The Double Down Saloon

The Double Down in Vegas is infamous. Open 24/7, the dark bar a bit off the strip offers up a no fucks given attitude, from the grafitti on the walls to the… unique signature drink.

Ass Juice. It is called Ass Juice. And it is glorious.

You may not expect a bar like this to even have a signature drink, but Double Down’s “Ass Juice” and its bacon martini set it apart from the rest. You might not like either, but you’ve gotta drink it once. And where else are you going to take a shot from a tiny toilet bowl? (And it’s a souvenir shot glass!)

If you have 4 or 5, you may end up in front of the real porcelain throne anyway.

The bacon martini isn’t quite a carefully crafted cocktail garnished with candied bacon — it’s more like well vodka and liquid smoke. But if you’re looking for some real local flare, come here for a few shots so you can say you drank Ass Juice and lived to tell the tale.

Rock House Bar

Located in the grand Canal Shoppes, this is the only “dive bar” on the strip. The bar, which serves up drinks in 88 oz guitars, combines the glam party scene of the Strip with some rock and roll edge. A live band plays Monday through Wednesday and you can fulfill your rock star fantasy at their karaoke night on Thursdays. If that’s not your style, you can play beer pong here daily or come on the weekends when the DJ is spinning. If you want a dive bar experience on the Strip, this is your place — but you can still expect to pay Strip prices.

Hogs and Heifers

Located in Downtown Las Vegas across from the Downtown Grand is the biker bar Hogs and Heifers. It’s basically Vegas’ version of Coyote Ugly. The bartenders are rowdy, they’re equipped with megaphones ready to call out guys for not buying them shots, and they pull women up on the bar to dance with them. Some people love this atmosphere, some people hate it — but if you want to drink lots of beer, take shots, dance on a bar and aren’t offended by crude language, then you’ll have a blast.

Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar may sound more like a salon than a bar… and during the day, that’s exactly right. This is an awesome concept already — who doesn’t want to sip on specialty cocktails while getting a pedi?

The Beauty Bar, located on Fremont Street, is a 1950’s style salon-meets-bar. It’s a nail place by day, an edgy bar by night, and the original spot on Fremont to see live music. They have two stages: a small one inside the bar and a larger one outside on a patio out back. If you’re looking for an awesome low key spot to listen to great music, this is your place. They also have great specials like nickle beer night!

No matter where are are in Vegas, you can find a shitty-awesome place to drink and have a shit show of a good time. If you want something different than a typical club, then these are some good options — or would you rather check out a Vegas speakeasy or one of Vegas’s hot country bars?


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