When you go to Vegas, it’s easy to stay on the Strip and not stray — it’s home to the most modern hotels, bomb restaurants, shopping, pools and lit nightlife. There’s nothing off the strip that’s worth the Uber fare that you can’t get there, right?

Bitch, you thought.

If you visit Vegas without checking out Fremont Street for a day or two, you did it wrong. After all, Fremont is the OG Strip in Vegas.

Cheap Food and Drink

Anything you want to put in your face hole is going to be expensive AF on the strip. It’s not totally tragic, but those cheap eats and solid happy hour specials are hard to find.

But on Fremont, they’re everywhere. It’s definitely not fancy, but TBH after a frozen margarita or five you don’t care if your fries have chipotle aioli. You’re just stoked that they’re $1.

Most of the Casinos on Fremont have super cheap drunk eats and the restaurants in this area also tend to be more reasonably priced with filling meals.

Old Vegas Charm

Fremont isn’t as glitzy as it was back in its heyday, but it’s got a kitschy vibe that you can get behind. Fremont has a more casual feel to it — there’s no pretense and everyone is there for fun, gambling, drinking, and eating good-bad food. There’s definitely no judgment.

It’s awesome to see the flashy old casinos like Four Queens and the Golden Nugget, as well as stopping by Binion’s to see where the World Series of poker started. The neon signs and vintage style are abundant as you walk down a street that feels stopped in time. That is until you look up…

The Fremont Street Experience Light Show

The main part of Fremont Street where all of the casinos are is covered by a giant electric canopy of lights. During the day this acts as a perfect barrier from the sun, and at night it turns into an impressive light show that plays every hour on the hour. You can also zip line from one end of Fremont Street to the other — and who doesn’t love zip lining over a crowd after 9 drinks?

Fremont has free, live music at one of three stages along the street every night, so you can take in the lights and your gigantic margarita while enjoying a free show.

Better Play, Cheaper Stay

If you like playing slots, it’s definitely a good idea to hit up Fremont since the slots pay out more than they do on the Strip. It’s only by one to two percent, but that adds up if you plan on spending time and money on the machines.

If you’re going to play here, it definitely make sense to take advantage of rewards programs. While I wouldn’t recommend all the places near Fremont to actually stay, places like the Golden Nugget and Downtown Grand are totally acceptable options and at way cheaper rates than the strip, especially if you plan to gamble there and rack up some comps.

While it may not have been worth it to stay on Fremont to save some cash, now with Uber you can get over to the strip way more cheaply, or hop on The Deuce to go to the strip. If you want to stay on the strip most of your trip those fares may add up, but staying on Fremont to avoid weekend rates — especially in a comped room at the Golden Nugget — can save you money that you can put towards shopping and nightlife.

Compact Area = Less Walking

Did you go out hard last night? Not really up for 14 miles of walking the next day? Consider Fremont. Unlike the casinos on the Strip, the casinos on Fremont are right next to each other. You can easily walk up and down the entire Fremont area instead of a 15-minute walk from one property to the next on the Strip.

This is awesome for two reasons. If you didn’t take my packing advice and didn’t bring flats and you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes, then it means your feet will have an easier time traversing Fremont.

And the street feels like one big party at night. Walking along the Strip is crowded, and everyone is trying to get from point A to point B. But because everything is so close on Fremont, people are hanging around enjoying the scenery and milling about from place to place. It’s much more relaxed.

While the Strip is great, if you don’t check out Fremont for a day, you’re missing out on some legit vintage Vegas charm (and cheap drinks). You should probs go check it out.


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