Las Vegas may be one of the last locations to keep the indulgent, scandalous spirit of the roaring 20’s alive in the new millennium. There are endless ways to let loose and get lost in the glamour. However, you may not realize you can take it a step further and channel your inner Daisy Buchanan in one of Vegas’s Speakeasies. Even in a place with alcohol around every corner, there’s something enticing about spending a night in a secret bar with your own Gatsby.

The Laundry Room // Commonwealth

It’s a bar within a bar. The Laundry Room is inside the Commonwealth in downtown Las Vegas. With only 27 seats and a focus on skilled mixologists, The Laundry Room has some strict rules. No photos, no texting and no PDA. While it’s not a VIP room, not just any basic bitch can walk in. You need to send a text to a secret number for instructions on how to gain entry. Make some friends at the Commonwealth and see if you can charm your way in, or you can of course just Google the number to secure you reservation.

They have a long list of cocktails sorted by liquor type, but if you don’t see anything that strikes your fancy, then the bar tender can mix you up a custom drink. Each drink will run you a flat rate of $15, but the drinks are strong and well worth it, especially paired with the Speakeasy atmosphere.

The no phones rule and small space allows you to focus on delicious drinks and intimate conversation — perfect for a night in Vegas with your bae or bestie.

1923 Bourbon Room

The 1923 Bourbon Room is a ‘modern speakeasy’ in Mandalay Bay. You don’t need a secret password to get in, but you do need to know how to find the place.

On the first floor of the Mandalay Bay Shoppes, you’ll see the front door behind a bookshelf tucked in the corner next to RM Seafood.

If you’re looking for a bustling bar, chances are this isn’t the place for you. Patrons say this place isn’t a poppin’ destination. But if you’re into 1920’s decor and you’re looking for a cozy place to have drinks, then drop into 1923 Bourbon Room, relax in the leather chairs and enjoy a bourbon cocktail.

Downtown Cocktail Room

This unique spot downtown has poured over 300 unique cocktail recipes over the decade they’ve been open. The location isn’t exactly a secret, but it does have a trick door with no knob or handle (that keeps out the typical Fremont Street riffraff). To slip inside, find the glass panel that is actually made of steel underneath the cocktail room’s sign, then push — don’t pull.

Another unique touch is actually found in the bathrooms. The doors are made out of two-way mirrors where the person inside can see out but no one can see in.

The drinks menu here is creative and changes with the seasons. One especially unique feature is the 10+ different types of absinthe on the menu.

These Gatsby getaways are just another example of how Vegas has everything in one place. From speakeasies to the best burgers in the US to amazing meals under $20, Sin City has it all.


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