Skipping lines in Louboutins, enjoying gourmet food at 5 star restaurants, VIP pool parties, staying at a suite at the Cosmo and doing some extravagant shopping.

This sounds lit, right? I think so.

However, being a 20-something with college loans and credit card debt, I realized this wasn’t realistic for me or most 20-30 somethings.

Unless you’re already making bank or you have a sugar daddy (no judgement), this uber amazing luxurious Vegas experience isn’t that attainable. Or even if I could swing it, do I want to be packed in a pool area with a bunch of drunk half-naked people? I mean, maybe…sometimes.

But there’s a lot more to Vegas, and I’ve found plenty of amazing experiences that fit a normal budget. You can have a hefty helping of glam without being on the A-list or swinging a Platinum Amex.

Enter Glam and Gamble.

Since realizing that VIP-style trips to Vegas weren’t that attainable or even at times desirable. I picked up tips and tricks on how to have a glamorous, memorable time in Sin City and casinos across the country. From navigating every area of the casino floor like a bad bitch to knowing how to nightlife on a budget to finding the best food in any situation, Glam and Gamble has you covered.

Florida native, Northeastern University, New Yorker, frequent traveller, and unofficial citizen of Sin City. I play a lot of poker, stay out late, and get up early to do it all again.

You can reach me at or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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