Before this past weekend, I had never heard of Mt. Airy. For those of you who are in the same boat, it’s a lone casino in the Poconos. I discovered it while looking for a place for my boyfriend and me to stay for a friend’s wedding. That friend just so happened to live right around the corner from Mt. Airy -a solid excuse to check out a new casino and get in some gambling.

To be honest, I didn’t expect very much from Mt. Airy. I was pleasantly surprised about the level of quality I found in all aspects of the casino. We stayed two nights the room was great, we ate good food and the casino was big enough to keep us occupied for a quick weekend stay.

The Room

I’ll start out with my one and only negative on this category, which is the price. Yes, we stayed a Friday and Saturday night but it was way overpriced in my opinion. I expected there to be some kind of event or concert due the price we paid. Since Mt. Airy is  the only property in the area they can charge what they want without fear of competition pricing them out, but I was still a bit shocked that the price tag was as high as it was given that there was no big draw.


That being said the room was great. The attention to detail was obvious in the design of the room: combination faux wood and carpeting on the floors the bed has comfortable with quality linens, the wall/ headboard was tufted with patches of beadwork, silver and gold materials and snakeskin. The bathroom had a sperate water closet, sizeable sink and counter space and solid lighting for makeup. Overall is had a modern yet comfortable feel. It was clearly carefully designed separating it from a standard cookie cutter hotel room.


The Casino 

The casino floor in Mt Airy is not very big, but that’s mainly because Mt.Airy is not very big. It’s more or less a giant room filled with banks of slot machines, flanked with restaurants. In the center, you’ll find a circular bar dubbed Glass bar which has half price drinks every Friday and running down the center are the table games. To one side of table games is the smoking section and non-smoking to the other. It simple, but well thought out; it works.

In terms of the selection of games, Mt. Airy is a bit limited. They have shit tons of Triple Sevens games which makes me happy since it’s one of my favorites and I walked away with a couple hundred thanks to it, but in general, there aren’t too many options. One thing that was glaringly missing for me was Game Kings -or rather Game Kings that have more than poker. If I get sick of playing actual slots I like to play 25 cent video Black Jack but that wasn’t an option and it seemed pretty odd.

Mt. Airy also has a very small poker room that spreads a few games of NL 1-2 and 2-5.

One aspect that I found a little unusual was their diligence about checking ideas to even enter the casino, no one under the age of 21 is allowed in unless they have a designated casino escort to walk the to a restaurant. While I get this it was slightly annoying to have to dig my id out every time I entered the casino even if it was just to cross from the hotel to grab Starbucks.


While there aren’t a huge amount of options here the ones they do have a great. The first night we grabbed a late night meal at Guy Ferrari’s. It had a gastro-pub vibe that offered American classic with a twist. The twist was really just that the portions were bigger than my head, but it was solid none the less. We got a massive plate of nachos and each got a bacon mac and cheese burger… not knowing the freakish portion thing in advance.

IMG_1759 copy

IMG_1761 copy

Before leaving we decided to hit the buffet for their “Super Sunday Brunch” – and it defied expectations. It looks small from the outside but they have a ton of options. The charcuterie board and cheese boards, seafood options and NY strip steak were great. While I can’t compare it to places like the Wynn or Cosmo for the price ($23) it was one of the best buffets I’ve visited.

Overall, I would say if you’re in the area it’s a great spot to check out.



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