It’s hard to choose a favorite property on the Vegas Strip because there are some lit AF places to play and stay, but the Wynn/Encore is definitely in the top 5. I’ve always said that Vegas is like Disney for adults, and the Wynn property is actually pretty close to the real Disney in terms of “whimsy” factor with red and purple swirling throughout the resort. It’s not too modern but not dated, not too glitzy but certainly not plain, it’s elegant and fun and just extravagant enough without being over the top.

The only very slight downfall to the property is that it isn’t located centrally on the strip, meaning you most likely have to take a cab or walk a short while to get to other casinos… that is, if you even want to leave. The last time I stayed at Encore, we ended up spending way more time at both Encore and Wynn than the other casinos (which I hadn’t anticipated).

So, with my love affair for these adjoining resorts, I was pumped to hear the new changes happening at the property — the first being the new poker room at Encore.

The old poker room at the property was in the Wynn, and it was a relatively small room that fit 25 tables. The new room has 28 tables but is twice the size at 8,600 square feet, according to Poker News. It’s now located in Encore across from the Encore Players Club.


What I’ve seen in the photos is GORGE. It’s modern, bright and open, unlike many poker rooms that are darker and tucked away. Also, that there are a few more tables than the old room while the square footage has doubled means the tables are spread out nicely so you don’t have to squeeze your way in and out of tables as you walk through. Other updates include USB ports at every chair, a sports betting window inside the room, and 37 65-inch TVs.

Aside from the poker room, the Wynn is expanding its resort to feature a new hotel tower, a new retail space, and a 38-acre lagoon.


The new retail space dubbed Wynn Plaza is set to open as early as Fall 2017. The 75,518 ft expansion will feature luxury retail locations to give Wynn visitors even more prestigious shopping opportunities than are already found at the property.

In addition to Wynn Plaza, developers are building a new section for the property they’re calling Wynn Paradise Park to take the place of the current golf course. The lagoon will be lined by a boardwalk and white sandy beaches that are perfect for daytime water activities like paddle boarding, water skiing, and parasailing, and it will set the stage for a nightly fireworks display from an island in the middle of the water.


Next to the lagoon, a 260,000 square foot space filled with meeting spaces, guest rooms complete with separate living rooms and balconies, and a slew of new restaurants will all have unobstructed views of the water.

It will no doubt be a few years until all of these changes take place, but I’m already counting down the days.

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