For Summer, especially in Vegas, my number one priority in clothing is to not sweat to death. Read: sundresses, rompers or high waisted denim shorts and a crop top.

HOWEVER, sometimes I attempt to be less basic and dip my toes into the trends that come along each year… sometimes.



The 90s trend has been going strong through the last few seasons, which has brought back the choker. I’m personally obsessed with the trend. I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to jewelry, so the choker is the perfect piece because it’s no fuss yet impactful — plus, it brings me back to when I first started wearing jewelry, which generally consisted of me picking out a choker from Totally Kool and then having a Spice Girls dance party on my bed. But I digress.

I love this trend for summer in particular because if I’m out in the heat all day, the last thing I want is tons of metal jewelry on my body. That makes the choker the coolest accessory for summer.



While my wardrobe consists mostly of neutrals, I do try to add a bit more color into my summer style. Since my idea of color generally doesn’t go beyond navy, a color like yellow, which is one spotlighted for Summer 2016, is definitely a stretch — but that’s also part of its appeal to me. Many people may shy away from such a bold hue, so opting for a bright yellow dress is the perfect way to stand out in a sea of LBD’s and standard florals.


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.04.51 PM

While the 90s have been the most influential decade recently, the 70s have also come into play this season. Suede, lace-up necklines, off the shoulder silhouettes, patchwork, and peasant-inspired prints are everywhere this summer. The switch from grunge to flower child is perfect for the carefree vibe of the season.



Summertime means less is more when it comes to makeup for me, and especially when it comes to eye makeup. The last thing I want to do is spend forever perfectly blending out an eyeshadow look when it’s going to be smudged out in the heat. I’d rather be laying by the pool.

This doesn’t mean your eye look has to be boring. A couple of waterproof liners can go a long way. Use a product like Makeup Forever’s Aqua Liner to create a bold cat eye, and pair that with a pop of blue liner like Stila’s Smudge Stick Eye Liner in Bluefin in your water line. Pops of blue are in this season, and this look is sure to have your summer fling staring in your eyes all through vacation.



Apparently, the once-popular Juicy Couture jumpsuit is trying to make a comeback. The company has teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to relaunch the look complete with the campaign hashtag #TrackisBack. While I’m all for a chic athleisure look, this is one trend I think we can leave back in 2003. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can get your hands on the lowrise velour sweats complete with matching hoodie starting in July… but in my opinion, don’t backtrack.

Some of my favorite pieces for this summer come from Kendall & Kylie for PacSun  — and for more summer fashion ideas, check out 3 Summer Trends to Rock Las Vegas Pools.



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