For my latest stay in Atlantic City, we booked Harrah’s, and aside from one day at the boardwalk and an afternoon at Borgata, we primarily spent most of our time there. That meant we had most of our meals at Harrah’s (which had more than a few highlights), but we toured AC a bit and ate along the way. From crab legs to burgers to some of the best doughnut holes on the planet, a few highlights really stood out.

Bill’s Bar & Burger

I tried Bill’s Bar & Burger on a whim as I walked back to my room from the Harrah’s poker room one night. I saw that their menu had Disco Fries on it, and until this trip, I’d never been in Jersey… and therefore I’d never experienced this rare Jerseylicious delicacy. If you have yet to experience it, it’s basically a trashy version of poutine: Fries + Gravy + Nacho Cheese. Personally, I think they’re bomb, but my boyfriend called them diaper fries. I can’t argue with this… the’re kind of a pile of slop, but an oh-so-delicious pile of slop.

(Photo via Sand and Snow)

(Photo via Sand and Snow)

Bill’s became our go-to drunk eats place, although it’s just as delicious sober. Aside from the Disco Fries, I highly recommend the Bacon Cheese Burger. It comes on a pretzel bun which is AH-mazing, and I heard excellent things about the shrimp burger (two different poker dealers recommended it), but I didn’t get around to trying that one myself.

Waterfront Buffet


I have to be honest, my expectations were low for the Waterfront Buffet. I’ve eaten at a range of buffets in Vegas, from the craptastic Paradise Buffet in The Fremont Hotel & Casino to amazing spreads like the Wicked Spoon and the Wynn Buffet. I didn’t expect Waterfront to be terrible, but I also wasn’t walking in expecting it to be more than average. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not the biggest buffet, but they have a pretty decent selection with a few dishes that really stand out.

First, the one most people will agree on is the fresh snow crab legs. The supply is constantly being fed by a guy slinging out freshly steamed crab leg clusters that you can devour by the plate along with drawn butter. My only complaint is that they aren’t halved and I have to work a little bit to get the meat out. I know. I’m a princess ass bitch. I’m sorry.

The next really impressive dish was the tacos — it came as a huge surprise, but omg they were so good. They had a mahi mahi taco and a pork and shrimp taco and they were fucking lit. The “guac,” however, was only mashed avocado, but honestly the tacos didn’t need it. The spicy pork ribs and steak with chimichurri sauce were also executed well.

But my favorite thing — and my biggest shock — came from the dessert section. The dessert section in general was pretty small and not super impressive, BUT they had homemade doughnut holes to DIE FOR. I never thought I would say that about something so commonplace BUT FUCK they were so, so good. They had Oreo, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar and plain versions. They were probably fried in lard and will take a few years off my life, but they were worth it.

Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill


As a big Gordon Ramsay fan, I decided to check out his pub one afternoon I spent on the boardwalk — and I wasn’t disappointed. The decor was a mix of traditional English pub with punk and mod flare. It mimicked the menu, which was your typical pub fare but distinctly elevated in singularly Ramsay fashion.

We started with Molasses and Brown Ale Glazed Wings. They were lit — the sauce on those wings was seriously one of the best sauces I’ve ever had. They were topped with jalapenos and stilton blue cheese to make up a really unique flavor profile. Yes, I learned that phrase from watching Gordon judge food on TV. Shut up.

After, the wings I got a “Ramsay Burger.” The burger is topped with melted Asadero cheese, avocado, onion rings, grilled jalapeño, tomatoes, lettuce, and maple-peppercorn bacon. There wasn’t anything terribly unique about this burger aside from the grilled jalapeno (which added a lot of flavor), but it was executed perfectly and would probs make it into the top 3 burgers I’ve had.

While I generally think of AC as having “fair food”, hot dogs, funnel cakes all things fried, but it proved to have some awesome food options and I’m excited to go back and scout out more.

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