Face beat, contour game strong, brows on fleek, hair laid for the gods…. this is the world of Instagram makeup. Everything is all out glam and nothing is subtle. It’s doing THE MOST.

It’s also gotten a lot of shit from editorial makeup artists. And I get it. The same way a classical, highly technical composer may not totally appreciate just how catchy the Biebs last album really is, there are MUAs who prefer to use subtle highly refined techniques to play up a person’s natural features. In magazines and on the runway, artists stick with no makeup-makeup, or if the eye is smoked out the lip is soft, if the lip is bold the eyes are neutral. Even more creative avant-garde looks are done in a refined balanced manner.

This is could not be more different from the intense Kardashian glam that has become so popular on social media. But is one actually better than the other?

Here’s where I weigh in: both sides have mad talent and there’s a time and place for each style. Specifically in Vegas, I think it’s fun to rock all kinds of different looks: the subtle, natural editorial look is beyond perfect for the pool or exploring the strip, while going to gamble or clubs at night you can go all out — and thanks to the dim lighting you don’t look overdone.

Here’s an example of a fierce AF look done by the Instagram MUA Nikkie Tutorials:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.50.23 PM

Now this is a look I could rock on a night out at Jewel. Her Highlight is ON FLEEK. She is one of my favorite MUAs on Insta — she is beyond talented. And the best part about most of the Instagram glam-goddesses is that they also have Youtube channels, so you can learn all of their secrets! Some editorial MUAs may find the glittery eye + intense highlight + ombre brows + bold lip to be too much, but I think it’s perf.

Meanwhile, makeup artist to the stars Patrick Ta has a very different style as seen here on supermodel Gigi Hadid:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.28.53 PM

Dewy, glowing skin, groomed but natural brows, and a focus on the eyes with some drama in the lashes. Looks like this are perfect for a day spent by the pool, an afternoon out shopping, or hitting a show on the strip. This look is still glam but subtlety is key.

These 2 looks are almost polar opposites of each other, there are thousands of styles that fall in between or go even further beyond either side of the spectrum. All I’m saying is there’s a time and place for both — you get to decide when that is for you. Especially in Vegas… YOU DO YOU GIRL. Insta-Glam all day? Do it. Natural beauty late into the night? By all means. Bottom line: as long as you feel fierce, then that’s the right look for you.

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